Week 4 Review: Where Am I?

My bruised right shinbone sang out a little bit at the start of today’s run, but as the run wore on, it went further and further to the back of my mind. meanwhile, the left leg began wearing out near the last mile.

I did six miles today. I think I did six. As I ran up Shaw Road on the 10K/6.2 mile course, I got confused by the mile markers that were posted. I saw markers for the 1 and 1.5 miles, but I never saw any more. I turned around at Shaw Rd/Sears Road, but then i saw a 2 mile marker. Not wanting to short-sheet a run (and I had already added a mile for my “med down day” on Friday) I turned back around and ran until i got to the runway near the end of Shaw Road. I never saw another mile marker, so I turned around at the runway and headed back. I hit the wall a little bit near the 5-mile mark, and slowed down as I neared the finish.

After breakfast I will go out and mark my route. Note to self: Do NOT depend on NAS Pax River to mark ANY of their run routes! Always to a route recon the day before you do any more base runs!

As far as the calendar is concerned, Week 4 is done; however, I still have two miles to make up for missing Friday’s run. Next week, I get the Willow Road four-milers, which means some good inclines/declines on my training. Next Sunday is the NAS Beach House Run, where I get a fairly steep decline near the 1.5 mile point, then a curved uphill right around the two-mile point. Gonna be a fun way to close out May.

How ’bout a nice long Zeppelin deep track for your Sunday running pleasure:


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