Good Workout, Better Wedding

Sooo…this morning I survived the Circuit Course 1 workout, with decreased weights on my squats and leg exercises. I just re-applied my Icy-Hot knee brace to my bruised right shinbone, so here’s hoping it will heal in time for my six mile run tomorrow morning.

The highlight of the day was going to my friends’ marriage vow renewal ceremony. The highlight of the ceremony was when my female friend told us of the story behind her children’s births and how she publicly re-affirmed to them that they WERN’T mistakes or happenstances, and they were born of the Love of God. Long story short: she was physically supposed to NOT have children. her tale would have warmed the hearts of even staunch buttonhole atheists such as Bill Maher.

Since I have been behind on the videos this week, I’ll share one video of the karaoke song I lip-synched at the reception, and another video of a song that I wished I would have done.

No offense, Ohio Players, but I kinda liked the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ version better:

This song is my personal cure for anyone coming close to being clinically depressed:

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