Icy Hot and Instant Noodles

Tuesday morning I banged my knee on something; two gym sessions and a hill run later, my knee is staring to act up on me. Nothing major or swollen, but going up and down a flight of stairs got real challenging about 1700 or so. I wen to CVS to get some Icy Hot sleeves for my knees. I’m riding on Icy Hot’s reputation on this one. I had a serious crimp in my back one time, and 10 minutes after applying an Icy Hot patch to my back the pain was gone.

I’ve also got to run in less than six hours, so I am going to attempt a carbo load with one cup of Maruchan Instant Noodles (shrimp flavor) and one cup Velveeta instant Shells and Cheese. Here’s hoping I don’t have to have a major bowel movement in the morning so I can get my run over with by 0600, not 0800. I have tomorrow off, but I have things to do.

Tomorrow’s run is Willow Road-Shangri-La 3. I need to get some course maps from the NAS Pax River gym so I can pick a good five miler for Sunday.

Memorial Day Weekend for me? Marine Corps League stuff, try to register for one more class at Southern Illinois University, MCM, friend’s wedding on Saturday, pay bills…and maybe a lonely toast on Monday to all the fallen heroes of America.

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