Enforced Day Off

Whatever I did to my right shin on Tuesday, it flared up Thursday afternoon. The Icy Hot pad I put on my knee last night was no help; I could barely walk down the stairs of my apartment building without heavily leading my left leg; when I tried to run, it was clearly a no-go. I put on a hot-cool brace on my knee l;ayer on this morning. It helped me walk better, but I just tried running again and it was not that much better than this morning. 

Sooo…today is a medical “off day”.

The plan for now is to take the lighter weights tomorrow (especially on the squats and leg exercises) and hope for the best on Sunday. I will probably spread today’s three miles over next week’s runs.

This weekend is going to be a working weekend, on a personal level more than a professional level. Going to my friend’s wedding tomorrow will probably be the only “fun” I have. Hopefully my shinbone heals up between now and Sunday; I don’t want to be medically down any longer than I have to, and I really can’t afford to miss any workouts.

What, I haven’t done any videos this week? Ooops, here you go…

I like this guy, he used to sing for those Genesis dudes…

This fella used to be their guitarist for awhile (Steve Hackett)…

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