Precious Life

I was planing to post a rant about the current state of the world we live in (as opposed to talking about how I walked around for a half-hour on my recovery day), but at the end of my walk, I ran into my neighbor from the apartment below me. Him and his wife are going through some serious financial and physical challenges. After spending some quality time just listening to him, my planned rant seemed to petty.

Today on Facebook I saw where three of my friends lost grandmothers/mothers-in-law. Suddenly my personal/professional problems didn’t seem so large. Called both of my parents after today’s run.

Yesterday I got up early, only to spend an hour on the toilet before getting ready to go to the gym. At 0530, I resolved to go to the gym later on in the day. I decided to go immediately after my ART 1030 Art Appreciation class; it was the first day of class and even though the class is three hours, I figured that she would keep it short for that first class.

Nope. So sorry. My art appreciation instructor is SERIOUS about art, and even though it’s only a six-week course, she’s determined that we get something out of it. She wasn’t messing around. Class got out at 9:15 as scheduled. Oh, and class is a forty-five minute drive (one way) from Lexington Park to LaPlata. After two failed attempts to find a World Gym on the way home, I ended up at the Lexington Park WG at 2245. Since I got done so late, an 0500 run wasn’t gonna happen.

I nearly screwed up today’s run as well. It was 75 degrees this afternoon, meaning it would be nearly eighty at run time. Lucky for me, the rain clouds appeared and made for a much cooler run. I did the Willow Road-HWY 5 Run today; had a few good inclines and curved slopes for a three mile run.

Tomorrow is my cross-training day (no fartlek this week). I plan to throw in a half-hour on the elliptical as soon as the circuit course is done.

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