Running Down a Dream

Gym day: check.

Brakes fixed? check.

Run a few road races before the MCM? Uuuummmm….

Not quite that simple. My training plan allows for one long run a month, on Sundays. I went to to try to schedule some road races before the big one on October 26th. So far, I’ve only found three that match my current training plan:

June 15: Dawson’s 5K Father’s Day 5K; Annapolis, MD.

July 13: Patapico 5k/10k/10M Trail Race; Baltimore, MD

October 5: Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon; National Harbor, MD

It doesn’t help that the website is acting like a little bitch (keeps timing out when I want to turn the page…grrr). Depending on what is available, I am tempted to switch my rest day (Saturdays) for my long run day (Sunday) so I can get more “running with people” time. Since my last physical fitness test in February 2010, I have only run one time in a crowd (a 5K last November). I believe it will be a good psychological cushion to share the road with others, instead of just grinding out the miles on my own. It would be nice to check out some of the female form in running spandex as well (rrowwr! >;-) )

Tomorrow is the Willow Road SMH-21 run, then a trip to the University of Maryland to work the DC Breeze game.

Post script: Normally I get up at around 0430-0445 to get my workouts in; today I kind of overslept and didn’t get up until 0530. No big deal since it was a Saturday. I spent over two hours docking around before heading for World Gym at 0730. During my goof off time,  I hit YouTube and saw a Beastie Boys video as one of the offerings on the page. I selected this little nugget from back in the day: it was the first real “hip-hop” song that I actually enjoyed:


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