Such a beautiful day…

It’s 91 degrees outside as I type this. Glad I already went running this morning…

I ran Willow Road to Shangri-La loop this morning. Note to self: the last turnaround begins at the Fruit of the Forest ROAD sign, not the Fruit of the Forest ADDRESS sign. Anyway, this course is an additional 0.6 to the standard Willow-Shangri loop. The end of the 2-something course ends with a steady uphill climb. The additional part adds the down hill slope for about a 1/4 mile, then at the turnaround (road sign!) it goes back up the incline to end the run.

For my Saturday run, I extend the loop on Willow-Shangri to 1.6 miles. After the road sign, the course gradually declines for about another 1/4 mile, then twists and turns into a gradual incline. The turnaround point here is a construction site (key identifier: a group of sewer pipes with the markings SMH-21) and a nice down-and-up to finish.

Tomorrow is the weekly (?) fartlek. This time I will do at least 5 minutes of warm up and cool down jogs to bracket the run-jog workout. I briefly toyed with the idea of adding a trip to the base gym for a circuit course II workout, but I decided against it. There will be plenty of chances to burn myself out later.

Other stuff:

Six years ago, I bought a set of new brakes from the local Mr. Tire, to comply with Maryland state vehicle inspections. Thye were dubbed “forever brakes” because they were supposed to last a loooong time.

Six years later…I hear this unnerving grinding sound when I apply the brakes.

When did forever last only six years?

The car is going back to Mr. Tire Saturday morning. Good thing I save the receipts of all the car maintenance…we’ll see how much I can get for these “forever brakes.”

Here’s David Bowie to help us celebrate this beautiful day…


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