Wandering around DC at 0500

Sooo…after the triumph of the Sunday run of the National Mall, came the comedy of forgetting where LA Fitness was located. And gee, it would have been nice to have my GPS equipped smartphone on me so I wouldn’t have to stumble all over downtown Washington DC at five in the morning. Courtesy of that boner, I didn’t get my circuit course II in until 4 this afternoon.

Tomorrow it’s Willow Road to Shangri-La, the three mile loop. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates. Also, time to go shopping tomorrow…I’m down with the restaurants and fast food for the time being. I also need more water and more stretching so I don’t cramp up so much.

Since I had no videos the last two days, here’s some old-school dance from the 90s…

Cathy Dennis was so hot…D-Mob should’ve stayed his silly ass out of this video…

Because we are forever¬†hanging in a Buffalo Stance…

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