Mother’s Day on the National Mall

Today I completed Week 2 of my six month Marine Corps Marathon training with a run down the National Mall.

I warmed up with a casual stroll down 17th Street Northwest to the C&O Station in the Mall. Started at C&O on Constitution to the Lincoln Memorial. Looped in front of the Memorial and ran down Independence Ave all the way to the front loop in front of the U.S. Capitol. From the Capital I went to the intersection of 4th and Constitution and took Constitution all the way to 15th St Northwest. Ended the run there and cooled down with a nice stroll back to the hotel.

My initial plan today was to see if I could find a less expensive brunch than the one the Doubletree (my hotel for the weekend) was offereing; however, after a forty minute roundtrip hike in downtown DC, with a side order of five-plus mile run down the Mall, I decided to stick with the hotel’s offering’s for the day.

That and today being Mother’s Day in DC meant no inexpensive brunches were ever going to happen.

Aside from calling Mom today, I have some more work to do this weekend.

Training week 3 statrts tomorrow with Circuit Course Two at LA Fitness.

Happy Mother’s Day! Call your mother and tell her you love her!

Proverbs 31:15-31.


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