Up in the Morning with the Rising Sun

Back to the gym for Circuit Course 1. Note to self: this is the last time I put off any training until after work. Today the traffic sucked and there were emergency vehicles everywhere…including my path to World Gym.

I am hoping for the weather to get much better, especially during the week. Between school, work and the Marine Corps League, I won’t have time for much during the day. I am taking this weekend to get out of town and do some long-range planning…for the marathon and for life.

Monday night will be my last “big meal”. Tuesday I go shopping for my diet. Goodbye fast food, junk food, and eating out; hello Healthy Choice, Smart Start, and Shakeology. Goodbye gas station breakfasts and gas station coffee; hello “Shane’s Sludge” and Kashii’s cold cereal with skim milk.

Next week I need to start hitting my training really hard; I looked at the mirror while I was doing seated bicep curls and I looked like I was pregnant. Guuuh…that’s gotta stop. I need to introduce some abs or core workouts into my circuit course. I need to do them slowly; I remember pulling some stomach muscles the last time I tried to to an abs exercise. 

Is it Throwback Thursday? What can I dig out of the YouTube groove yard tonight?

Have a good weekend y’all…


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