The Weekend and the Changes to Come

Got the fartlek done this morning. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the necessary 0600 trip to Wal-Mart for some body soap, I had to cut out the warm-up and cool-down jogs.

This weekend I am going out of town. I am going to DC to take a much-needed break. Thank you, DoubleTree Hilton in downtown DC for having rooms at $103 a night (if we could only do something about the hotel tax and the valet parking fees, but oh, well). This means I will have to make some adjustments.

Friday: Normal run: Willow Road to Shangri-La Loop (3 mi.).

Saturday: Circuit Course Cycle 1. If I’m not satisfied with the hotel gym, I will have to see if there’s a gym in downtown DC (i.e., Gold’s Gym) that takes single-day admission.

Sunday: Willow Road-HWY4. This is the three mile loop with the slopes and inclines. Need to scope out a running site around the DC area.

Monday: Circuit Course Cycle 2: I plan on driving back to Lexington Park on Monday morning, so the hotel gym will have to do.

The trip to DC is as much as a vacay as I’m going to get. I need to start planning pout the marathon training, and a few personal and professional things in my life. I just took over as my local Marine Corps league’s adjutant, so I need some time to dig through that paperwork. I also have to start budgeting things for this marathon (diet, training equipment, shoes, etc). Gonna be a long and busy summer, so this is a good time to take a breather.

Why DC instead of just staying home? DC has better restaurants and nightlife.

Okay, back to the gym tomorrow…where’s my neck brace for the squats?

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