Is it May already?

One-third of 2014 has come, been, and gone. It’s been six months since I made that vow to run the Marine Corps Marathon. My how we quickly run out time.

Last night I drew up the training plan for the month. This week it’s back to the gym, and I need to start working on my diet as well. It’s a lot harder to run 26.2 miles carrying so much weight.

I went on Facebook today and saw a few old friends completing half marathons this weekend. I am tempted to add a few road races to the running calendar. Running alone and running with a multitude of people are two very different things.

Note to self: Mother’s Day gift tomorrow!

Tomorrow is another two-miler. This time I will head south towards the Route 5/Route 235 junction. It’s a nice steep hill that goes down on the way out, and at the turnaround point it’s a fairly steep slope back up. Right now I’m just getting back into running; I’ll worry about times next week.

See y’all tomorrow.

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