Clear Head, Clear Conscience…

Today I finished the last two-miler of the first week. The weather was actually cooperating, and there was not a lot of standing water close by to attract mosquitos and other biting insects.

Although I didn’t stretch (again!) I felt better about the run because I had work issues on my mind the entire run. By the time I was finished my mind was much clearer and I figured out a better way around my current problem.

Sometime this weekend I need to start planning my runs. I also need to arrange that Triumphant Return to World Gym because I know that running alone will not help reduce my weight. I also need to check out what a farltek is because I have my first one scheduled for Wednesday.

Also needed:

Grocery shopping (say goodbye to fast food and restauraunts)

Lots of water

SoBe Life Water w/ B-Vitamins

Mio Water /B-vitamins


It’s the weekend! Party time!!!


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