44 y/o male versus 10 y/o car: Which runs better?

I went out at 0600 to do my two-miler and catch up my schedule. It was okay when I started and raining lightly when I finished. I didn’t stretch…again…but ,managed to stretch it out with no physical problems.

Note that I said no physical problems. The weather out here has been less than pleasant all week. As a result, the 1 1/4 mile strip of Willows Road where I have been doing my runs has been part tributary and part wetland/marsh for every run.

But the run, though more soggy than sore, was done. That was the best part of my day.

And then I went to work. Not gonna go too much in detail, I like being employed. One of my work traits is that I do not try to use my boss’ authority, so I avoid battles that I cannot fight. Losing doesn’t help me, and the gory details have a bad way of getting back to higher headquarters. As a professional rule, I avoid nasty phone calls and email flame wars; it’s much better to vent your frustrations with a co-worker or mentor and let him/her give you guidance on how to handle the situation.

…and then the “Check Engine” light came on in the dashboard of my 2004 Kia Spectra on the drive home from work. Gee, how much am I gonna sink into the car THIS year?

Off day tomorrow (ssstrrretcchh!!!) then one last two-miler on Friday. The opposite 1 1/4 path is a nice curved slope. It goes downhill going out, but a fairly steep climb at the turnaround point.

Video is NSFW, if you have your kids reading this blog…



…aaand two for flinching!


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